How to apply for Khalifa Fund

Sheikh Khalifa Fund is known to be an active and powerful organization of Abu Dhabi. It supports businessmen and women by providing innovation and opportunism for social and economic welfare.
Small and early businesses are requested to prepare their comprehensive and authoritative business plan, which explains their performances in financial and social fields. The best outcomes of their business are pointed out, and their expertise, as well as experience background, is acknowledged by their teams. They require the most profitable set of goals to enhance companies’ business.

Over many years, they aided companies to become valuable in funding by supporting businesses and extracting high consequential profits. The fine financial projections and well thought out plans on how one will achieve the set goals up ahead. 

The purpose of the business plan is to indicate that the project/business is well studied and thoroughly researched. The applicant shall demonstrate that the business idea is valid and that it has a good chance for triumph. 

The applicant shall explain that he/she has the pertinent qualification and is well experienced to follow up and manage the project. The applicant must submit documents that may be required, and that could include details on prior experience, skills, qualifications, occupations, and expertise. To raise the credibility of your project’s approval, certificates and other supporting documents should also be provided.

Apart from personal details, more information is required in relevance to the market, along with financial information and technical details with an assessment that supports the business’s financial position, it’s technical feasibility, and the potential it has to expand within the industry. This is mainly for a detailed analysis of the information sought. 

The Steps to Write a Business Plan for Khalifa Fund

o    The first step is to register the application online and submit the idea to the screening committee within a week to prove punctuality.  
o    Submit all the required sorts of information and documents (the copy of passport, ID, the applicant’s CV, last education certificate, any type of personal information form, or data of experience background).
o    Introduce them to your business in a few lines. Describe the project services and offerings. Write why you need to expand the business ventures and your set of goals to enhance.
o    The training request will be transferred to the Capacity Building department. And the application request for funding and membership will be reviewed by the Screening Committee. They will contact for any further information or document they require.
o    For funding requests, if the application is accepted, you will be invited to present the project idea to the Screening Committee. It is to be noted that the project idea should not be among the restricted activities of the Khalifa Fund that are mentioned on their site.
o    As per Khalifa Fund’s business plan template, you are supposed to provide all documents supporting the business plan. 
o    Attend business counselors scheduled counseling sessions in which they will discuss the project implementation plans and your strategic ideas.
o    You are requested to sign the facility details statement showing the details of the loan and repayment period.
o    Open a bank account and deposit the amount of contribution required as you will be signing up for the bank facility agreement.